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Pricing: One-off purchase of USD 3.99 / GBP 3.99 / EUR 4.49 / AUD 5.99.

Developer: Adrian Schönig

Requirements: iOS or iPad OS 15

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More screenshots, including iPad, with frames and fake artwork in the Download.

Note: The faked artwork is used to comply with App Store rules where real artwork can’t be used for screenshots without permission from the artists. The faked artwork are a mixture of artworks I created, auto-generated samples from Marc Edwards, and images and artworks that are in the public.

About the App

Longplay is an app targetted at music lovers with a sizable Apple Music or iTunes library who like to listen to entire albums. The app is a music player that focuses on just the albums from which you have added all the songs - making it quick to get to the music that means the most to you. This is in contrast to the rather cluttered “Albums” view in Apple’s Music app that includes all the albums where you even just have a handful of songs.

The app let’s you explore your albums or playlists by various sort options. A unique one is Negligence which combines how highly you’ve ranked an album, and when you last listened it. Brightness sorts the albums by their primary colour for an interesting visual take on your albums collection.

You can hide albums or playlists that you don’t want to show up - useful for meditation or kids albums, or smart playlists that you use for doing house keeping.

For users who want to listen on specific AirPlay devices, such as multi-room audio systems or headphones, there’s a “Play on” feature that’s the quickest way to listen on the right device. It opens up the AirPlay picker to pick a device (or multiple) and then starts playback on those devices.

About the Developer

As my main occupation, I’m the CTO of SkedGo Pty Ltd, a small-to-medium sized company building a multi-modal transport platform and front-end apps, including TripGo.

Longplay is my first indie app. I like listening to entire music albums. The app therefore came out of my personal need for wanting quick access to just the complete albums in my music library - without all those albums where I’ve just added a single song or two. I built an initial version of it in 2015 and decided in early 2020 to ship it.