🎶 I Got Some If You Need It 🎶

  • [New] In-app settings screen, including alternative app icons
  • [New] New “Size by” option
  • [New] New ‘Random’ sort order, re-shuffling whenever you tap the option again
  • [New] iPad: Show a button in the bottom left when scrolling through the albums to quickly access your settings
  • [New] iPad Keyboard support: Arrow keys to navigate around, play/pause via enter
  • [New] Longplay, jetzt auch auf Deutsch
  • [Fix] Fixes issue where second long tap on an album wouldn’t show its title
  • [Fix] Performance improvements for laying out the albums grid
  • [Fix] Stability fix after Longplay went into background
  • [Fix] Small tweak to light mode and when no albums are available
  • [Change] Requires iOS 15


  • [Fix] VoiceOver-related fix for the medium-sized widget
  • [Fix] The widget configuration now uses Longplay’s colours


🎶 Long Way To The Top 🎶

  • [New] Tapping near the top now scrolls to the top, as you’d expect.


Interlude, with a few fixes:

  • [Fix] Allow scrolling settings away even if you don’t have many albums
  • [Fix] Fix resizing glitch when scrolling playing album in and out of viewport
  • [Fix] Fix settings sometimes overlapping albums when returning to the app on iPad


🎶 All The Small Things 🎶, something for everyone:

  • [New] A new “Different day, different order” sort option for the widgets that keeps the widget fresh every day.
  • [New] Related: You can now also opt to show the sort option’s name in the widget, too.
  • [New] The medium-sized widget now will start playing the album you tap on. That’s 18 buttons in a widget! (And if you have larger fingers or just tap without aiming that means the old “Feeling lucky” behaviour is preserved, too.)
  • [New] Sorting by addiction is now based on the median play counts, so if you just listen to selected songs in an album on repeat that won’t lift the album’s addiction level anymore.
  • [New] Avoid switching to another album accidentally: If you’re listening to an album, tapping another album won’t immediately switch to that but first highlight that album; tap again to confirm to switch. (Abort highlight by tapping the playing album.)
  • [New] Added an advanced setting to change the size of the album artwork with new “Large” and “Extra Large” settings.
  • [New] The playback progress indicator is now offset from the album and adopts to the album’s colours.
  • [Fix] The album preview now immediately adjusts to the album’s colours when long tapping it.
  • [Fix] Yet another fix for Longplay not using highest resolution artwork when possible.
  • [Fix] “No albums found” will no longer incorrectly appear before albums were properly loaded when triggering playback through the widget.
  • [Fix] Setting for “Fade downloaded albums” was broken in V1.1.1 and should now be functional and pretty again.
  • [Fix] Removes potential for a crash when clearing the cache.
  • [Fix] Improved the performance for app start-up and when quickly scrolling through albums.


🎶 Another Brick in the Wall 🎶, ready for iOS 14:

  • Your album wall right on your home screen, that doubles as a “Feeling lucky” button
  • Customisable which sort order to use and what to do when tapping the widget

Plus more goodness:

  • Two Shortcut actions: Play a random album by your nominated sort order (like the widget, but starting playback without opening hte app), and play a random album, optionally filtered by genre or artist.
  • Actions on the now-playing item to skip to next or previous song, and to pick an AirPlay device
  • A little gear icon to access the settings from the app

And a couple of fixes:

  • Fix of album artwork resolution on the now-playing album
  • Fix for size of background when long-tapping an album, maintaining symmetry
  • Fix of Z-order of the side settings on an iPad on launch
  • Address a crash after clearing the cache


🎶 So Much To Say 🎶

  • More order when sorting by orderliness: Now sorts artists the same as the Music app, using “sort as” tags and properly handles compilations, intermingling them and and playlists according to their names. Also albums that include numbers are now sorted numerically; fans of the Dave Matthews Band and other jam bands might appreciate this.
  • Performance improvements for start-up, especially for large libraries. Should be noticable on second start-up after updating, as the first start-up will migrate to an updated on-disk cache.


🎶 What Have We Found? 🎶

  • Longplay now shows more of your albums by relaxing and tuning the filtering criteria and taking album duration into consideration. This if for you, Pink Floyd fans.
  • Large albums showed during playback and when long-tapping now display in higher resolution.
  • Automatic refresh of the albums when coming back to the app, so if you add an album through the Music app, it’ll show up when you go back to Longplay.
  • Sorting by orderliness now ignores “the” prefix of artists when using an English locale.
  • Performance improvements and stability tweaks, in particular for very large album collections. Thanks again for all the feedback so far. Much appreciated! –>